Gameboy ButtonKeyboard ButtonUses
AZ, JInteract, Select, Jump, Pick Up Item, Read Description (Menu Only)
BX, KShoot, Crouch (tap again to Uncrouch)
D-PadArrow Keys, WASDMove
StartENTEROpen Items Menu, Cancel (Oven Menu only)
SelectSHIFTCancel (Oven Menu only)

Once you have enough ingredients, use the oven to bake your pie!


NASTY KITCHEN is an adventure-puzzle game in which you control —Granny— on her quest to make a delicious MUD PIE for her precious plant-babies!

Find the missing ingredients around the house, but be careful, some ingredients are better for plants than than others... and granny's short on her marbles these days! 

Bake the pie for her mischievous plant-babies and watch out for their playful tricks! 

Will you bake them a DELICIOUS pie with fertilizer and soil?

Or a DISGUSTING pie with chocolate and pecans?

Different combinations give different endings!


Our game automatically saves your progress so you can continue playing even if you leave this page!

NASTY KITCHEN was programmed in GB Studio over 10 (and a half;) days as part of GBJAM 10.


ꖂ  Coding — Aydan Basher, Brooklynn Whidden

ꔁ  Visual Assets — Carleen Reilly

ꖘ  Music + SFX — Brooklynn Whidden


♡ Thanks for playing!


Nasty Kitchen GB ROM V1.0 512 kB
Nasty Kitchen .pocket file V1.0 (for Analogue Pocket devices) 512 kB

Install instructions

The GB ROM can be played on any emulator capable of playing Game Boy games, including OpenEmu and KiGB.

The ".pocket" file can be played on an Analogue Pocket device. Instructions for how to play the file can be found HERE.

Development log


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Fun game reminds me of maniac mansion.

(1 edit)

You're actually the second person to say this! None of us thought of that while making it but we love the comparion :)

Apparently our artist was thinking about it the whole time :O


Sorry I didn't realize you linked that video! That's awesome thanks so much!

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at first I was like, why's it called nasty kitchen? this is so cute! then i played for 30 more seconds and went, "Ah." i like the combo gameplay, the only part i got annoyed by was the cockroach mini game. best i could get was pecans.


Thanks for the review! Yeaaa because of the times constraints there are definitely some places with a bit of a difficulty spike 😅